The day has come and today (Monday 22nd), Beeston Film Festival finally kicks off! Unfortunately, we can’t all meet in lovely venues in Beeston and sit in the dark together as we watch the incredible short film selection. Despite the pandemic, the films are not disappearing and we are bringing them right to you to your homes.

The festival kicks off with an opening screening offering a variety of films. If you’re not looking for a specific genre, this is the ideal choice.

But the second screen is a very exciting one. ‘Student Night’ showcases our selection of student-made films. Ranging over genres and themes, it’s offering the best from short student films internationally. The very best of our selection includes:

Punishment, a film hailing from Iran, tells an interesting story. Set in a claustrophobic cluttered room, it tells the story of a soldier, trying to find love through one small window and with no words.

Moshe and Amira is a British film, a trope that is familiar but with a fresh twist. Moshe and Amira are a Jewish-Muslim couple. What could go wrong when it’s time for Moshe to meet Amira’s family?

The Bittersweet Banquet, another British submission, is a horror/thriller. In just seven minutes, the film presents a fascinating critique of the upper class. Through a more psychedelic lense, the experience is utterly captivating.

A Small Cut is a small German masterpiece. An amusing story about a serious issue with a side of tension and humor, all wrapped up in splendid cinematography and stunning mise-en-scene. With the German manor house and Baroque costumes, it evokes the feeling of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

The first day of the festival has lots to offer and it’s the perfect start for a week full of incredible short films.

Written by Sara Jakubcova