You’ve made it to the middle of the work week and Wednesday has much to offer at Beeston Film Festival. After two days with incredible screening selection, the standard and quality only seem to go up with today’s offerings.

Again with two screening sessions, Beeston kicks the day off with another variety screening. Following is our great science fiction selection that will quite literally take you out of this world if just for a little while.

“The Little Beach” is one of the best picks from our variety screening. An Argentinian piece with a serene atmosphere yet an underlying story that is gripping and deep. Following the day of a little girl on a beach, you can find yourself wishing you were sitting on the sand with sun hitting your suncream-slick skin. Gorgeous cinematography and an ease to watch make this film the perfect choice for gloomy March weather.

“Lifelike” leads the sci-fi category. A British piece that makes a love story intertwined in technology. Imagine you felt yourself drawn to a stranger you’ve talked to only through the phone while calling customer service. Could you give yourself a ‘Her’ moment? This story explores the anxious isolation and human connection that in the era of lockdowns doesn’t look so strange anymore.

“PROXY” is an American film that feels like it’s straight off the cooker of one of the major Hollywood studios. This clever sci-fi thriller deals with grief and internal turmoil, as it follows Victoria, a woman trained to be a stand-in for people’s lost loved ones. What toll does it have on her in a society not that different from ours?

“Samaritan” is an acclaimed British piece. A sci-fi drama tailored perfectly for the prominent issues of our day. Dealing with environmentalism and racism, the film follows an immigrant doctor whose path is crossed when he encounters a known racist politician, unconscious and left for dead. It’s a film that will have many of us asking from the beginning: will humanity and compassion prevail?

There’s a lot more included in both screenings, diverse stories from all corners of the world. From easy stories like The Little Beach to some of our picks that will have you thinking about life, you’ll surely find something that will make it worthwhile.

Written by Sara Jakubcova