The work week has drawn to a close and the weekend is finally ahead of us. Before that, Beeston Film Festival has a great selection of screenings for your Friday Night. Saturday and Sunday are packed with amazing films with over four screenings each day but Friday prepares you for them with our customary two screening sessions.

For today, you can indulge in another variety screening, followed by our horror selection which is perfect for a Friday night. Even without the big bucket of popcorn and classic cinema snacks, you can draw the curtains in your living room and have a bit of a fright with some epic horror shorts.

“Sweatbox”, screened as part of our Friday variety selection, is a British short included in the Women’s Voices category as well. Three women, all with different backstories in problems, are contained in tiny holding cells, or sweatboxes. This claustrophobic film is meant to advocate and educate about the horrid treatment and unfair imprisonment of women in Britain and highlight an issue that is virtually invisible in the public consciousness.

“The killer in cursed water” is a French take on the classic slasher. A couple comes to spend some time at a secluded cabin in the woods, what could possibly go wrong? A lot of things it turns out. Stunning cinematography and suspense that will surely give you goosebumps are a winning combo for this film.

“Bulletes of Baptism” is an experimental Iranian piece that will make your skin crawl. Disjointed and unsettling, the film follows an obese man who keeps killings himself and coming back, again and again. A purgatory by one’s own hand, by the end of the film you will feel like your own skin is coming off your bones.

“Guest”, a British creature horror short introduces a creepy “guest” to the audience that is quite nightmare-inducing. It haunts a young woman and she does everything in her power to rid herself of its presence. Something like a Slenderman and ten more horror movie monsters mashed together, the “guest” will leave you fearing who just might knock on your door next.
If you’ve been missing a good scare in the cinema, our Friday horror screening is the next best thing after the real deal. And if you haven’t, we still have an incredible variety selection for anyone wanting to spend their Friday night with a bit of cinema.

Written by Sara Jakubcova