Why do we need Film Festivals? Aren’t regular cinema trips and Netflix nights enough?

In a word: No!

There is so much that a film festival can offer than just sitting in a cinema room and watching a few films.

Film festivals give you a unique perspective. You will get to see more than just your Hollywood blockbusters. You will see a variety of unique voices, and in this festival in particular you’ll see a lot of global voices. This will put you in touch with things that are happening around the world. We look at more than just our own back garden.

The majority of film festivals focus on independent film-makers. Films not backed by big studios, films that the makers will have spent all their time and effort on. We don’t choose films based on how much money they will make. Film festivals focus on the art of film and on bringing you stories worth watching. There is room in a film festival for films to be completely creative. You may find more experimental films will be showcased as well as more opportunities given to those trying to break into the business.

Without film festivals, there’s such a wide variety of films you’d miss out on, films you wouldn’t otherwise see in your local Multiplex. In our festival you can go from watching a comedy to a thriller, an emotional roller-coaster in every session. You’ll see new faces, not just the same pool of actors who’ve been in everything you’ve ever seen. Their fresh performances have a unique perspective and method of storytelling, just as our film-makers do.

But of course, our focus here is on film making. Where better to look for fresh new films than at an event solely dedicated to them? At a film festival you’ll get to see so many films that you’ll be dizzy by the time it’s over, but you will feel amazing afterwards. Having watched films that have made you laugh, cry and think, you may be emotionally exhausted but you’ll certainly agree that it was well worth your time!

The emotional range of the films that this festival has on offer is unfathomable so whatever you are feeling or in the mood to watch it is most likely that you will find it here in the festival.

Nowadays everyone is binge-watching everything, So why not come along and binge with us?

– Rebekah Hemmens