As they say in Hollywood: that’s a wrap!
Another festival done for another year and yes we are sad that it’s over, but we’re ready to sit back and appreciate all the films that we caught this weekend.

There were just so many that it was hard to keep track! But of course there were the few that stood out, the cream that rose to the top and won our B’Oscar awards. In case you didn’t make it to the ceremony, here’s the full list of winners:

Best in Festival - Iniquity
Drama - Iniquity
Crime - A Roll in the Hay
Comedy - Numb
Non-Fiction - Pointe Black
Animation - The Soloists
Women’s Voices - The Hollows of the Moon
A Better Place - “Perspective Shift” - Episode #2 - Prue Stevenson, Brutes
Science Fiction - Blank Shores
Pride - Bracha
Music - The World’s Gone Nutz
Direction - Iniquity
Script - Embers
Cinematography - Aska
Performance - Iniquity
Sound Design & Sound Track - Guide Me Home

Congratulations to all who won!

Did your favourite snag a trophy? Did you watch the ones that took home the prizes? We hope you did! And we sincerely hope you enjoyed all the films we had for you this year.

There was so many categories and so much representation that we hope you experienced a diverse range of films and perspectives. That’s always been our aim: to showcase films that put you in the shoes of someone halfway round the world, seeing life as they do, in a whole new way.

There were so many films that we could talk about endlessly but let’s keep this brief! We went from crying to laughing to crying again. To having our minds blown away by fantastical sci-fi films to then really thinking about reality and diversity in our better place category.

Being back in person it was great to mingle and have something to discuss with others. What’s better than talking about a great film with friends and strangers alike?

It’s been an emotional journey, but it’s been great fun and we are glad you came along for the ride.

We’ll see you next year!

– Rebekah Hemmens